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The best watches for teens on Netflix

It comes as no surprise that Netflix is the market leader in the streaming service market and it is justified by the remarkable content displayed within. Not to mention that it is super easy to use too! After setting up an account and monthly subscription process, you are all set to dive into the world of entertainment. As a young adult or teenager, it is normal to be indecisive when it comes to selecting content to watch. We have all been there! Scrolling endlessly through streaming services attempting to locate the most suitable watch for our mood at the time. Let’s make this process more straightforward. Here we have some of, what we believe, are the best watches for teens on Netflix.  



The TV series, Glee is potentially one of the most influential and inspiring American TV shows that modern-day TV has seen yet. Attempting to raise attention to a variety of social issues including sexuality, race, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and assault, as well as several other issues, this is all displayed and voiced through the characters’ common denominator, the school’s glee club. With great musical performances from a diverse group of high school students, a witty and insulative cheerleading coach, and a motivational and kind glee club coach, this series is worth rewatching any day! 



Skins is one of the most popular TV series to come out of UK live TV. Click here for TV aerial installation. Premiering in 2007 on E4, the show ran for a further seven seasons before it finally ended mid-2013. Capturing the lives of a group of troubled Bristol teens who face a variety of issues within their adolescent phase of life including mental illness, substance abuse, and bullying the popularity of the show is down to the eccentric characters within, alongside the relations that can be made to real-life situations faced by school teens.  


Pretty Little Liars 

This teen mystery drama features a group of four high school friends who fall apart following their leader, Alison’s, disappearance. After receiving a series of texts from a mystery “A” who threatens to reveal their lies and secrets, the girls reunite believing that Alison is behind the text messages. However, when her body is found they realise that someone else is out to get them. After a long seven seasons attempting to track down the mystery sender, while also attempting to continue with their everyday lives in danger, A’s character is finally revealed in the last season much to every viewer’s surprise. 



If you are a fan of murder mysteries, and Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale is one of the best watches for teens on Netflix due to the constant search for answers on who killed a teenager within the town, Riverdale. The group of teenagers portrayed by Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, and Camila Mendes join forces to uncover the deepest and darkest secrets of the town, proving that it is not all as innocent as they had once believed it was.  


The Vampire Diaries

Although it is far-fetched, The Vampire Diaries has proven to be a hit amongst teenagers and young adults and we cannot think of any other reason that would attract them to this series other than Stefan and Damon. The irresistible vampire characters bring supernatural consequences to Mystic Falls, a town in Virginia, as they both fall in love with town resident, Elena Gilbert, portrayed by Nina Dobrev. In an attempt to protect Elena, and her family and friends from evil surroundings, including their past love interest, the ancient brothers constantly join and unjoin forces with one another throughout the nine seasons.  


The End of the F***ing World 

A dark comedy series featuring a 17-year-old who believes he is a psychopath is always a great watch…well we think so anyway. As James currently kills animals for fun, he believes that his next achievement is to target a human. After he sets his eyes on a classmate, Alyssa as his potential victim, events do not go according to plan when she suggests that they run away together and they end up developing a relationship. Although this sounds dark and unwholesome, believe us when we say that it is one of the best watches for teens on Netflix. Click here  to learn more.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Centring around a New York Police Department on Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, teenage viewers will easily gain amusement and laughs following the events and plots that unfold when a group of uncommon and divergent characters’ are commanded by their captain to solve a series of crimes. Staring the main character, Jake Peralta, an immature and sarcastic detective, who is paired up with ambitious and driven Amy Santiago, what truly could go wrong? We will leave you to find that out for yourself.  


The Big Bang Theory  

This hilarious sitcom combines the world of comedy and the world of education. What could be a better combination for a teenager to watch? All jokes aside, this hit American TV show displays the lives of four friends, all of who are involved in scientific-based careers, documenting their lives with one another. There is not much else to say on the show other than the fact that it is hilarious and that it is one of CBS’ most popular shows to date! Give it a watch on Netflix today.


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