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Primary Water Can Solve the World’s Water Crisis

What if you were told that Earth’s most abundant source of water is found deep in its core – and is stored in its rocks and magma to be released under the heat and pressure of geologic events and circumstances? What if you learned that the abundance of this water may exceed the amount of water in our oceans by at least 2-3 times and can most easily be obtained through strategic drilling? This is the true story of primary water. A story that is not taught yet in any schools or even known to the most experienced and staunch professionals in the world of water.


While rarely acknowledged, though referenced in the Bible and other ancient texts, the Earth’s magma and geology is in fact the source of our planet’s most pure water. This water appears in unexpected places such as mountain springs and desert oases. Have you ever wondered how a spring could defy gravity and surface at high elevations on the top of a mountain, or provide a green oasis in the middle of a desert?

Primary Water isn’t a mystery, though access to this technology has been largely suppressed historically and only recently begun to emerge in open discussions

within scientific communities and is largely dependent on geography and geology rather than climate and atmospheric rainfall.

Primary water is readily available in drought as well as normal rainfall years. It can also be localized to certain areas and needs – and, under the right geologic conditions, is plentiful and readily accessible

And did you know that this newly generated water can be drank without any additional treatment due to the fact that it has not yet been exposed to any surface contaminants.

All water originates as Primary Water deep in the mantle of the Earth. Under pressure, it then makes its way to the surface via faults and fissures in the form of volcanic steam, artesian springs, geysers, and oases. When it approaches the surface of the Earth it mixes with water already here and then becomes part of the Hydrologic Cycle. Many Primary Water experts are able to locate the water as it nears the earth’s surface, thus reducing the depth of drilling normally needed for water wells.

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