Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 February 2022

Alleged ‘Covid’ Deaths in the Fake Vaccinated Rise While Those in the Un-Fake-Vaccinated Fall, UKHSA Data Show

I’ll start off this week with data not from the latest UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report, nor even from the U.K. – the first chart for today shows the excess deaths in Israel since 2017 for those aged 65 or over. Just something to think about and I’ll come back to it at the end.

In this week’s UKHSA report the story is much the same as prior weeks – infection rates are still highest in the triple vaccinated except for individuals aged under 18 or over 80; the data for those aged under 18 continue to shift towards decreasing vaccine protection, while there’s not much change in vaccine performance for those aged over 80. At least infection rates are declining across the board as this January’s Omicron wave recedes into history.

Using the rates data above to estimate vaccine effectiveness against infection again shows the vaccines to be performing poorly, with all vaccinated bar those under 18 now showing substantially increased risk of infection (and thus also onwards transmission). Strikingly, the triple vaccinated aged 18-70 have around triple the risk of infection compared to the unvaccinated.

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