Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 February 2022

Ukraine’s Tiananmen moment: Brave civilian attempts to block Russian military convoy as Putin’s men bear down on Kyiv with soldiers on the streets preparing for bloody defence of the capital

A brave Ukrainian citizen has been pictured standing up to Putin’s troops by trying to block a Russian military convoy – in scenes reminiscent of Tiananmen Square’s ‘tank man’ blocking Chinese forces in 1989.

The footage, thought to have been filmed in the south of the country close to Crimea, emerged as Russia’s military bared down on Kyiv today in an apparent bid to seize the capital and ‘decapitate’ the government in the hopes of bringing a swift victory.

But Putin’s men seemed set to face bloody street-to-street fighting as Ukrainian troops tasked with the city’s defence began setting up defensive positions across highways, on bridges and on street corners with gunfire and explosions heard in the centre of the capital.

Russian forces will also have to contend with armed civilians as Ukraine’s forces began handing out tens of thousands of rifles to whoever was willing to take one along with Molotov cocktails – encouraging people to make their own and hurl them at ‘the occupiers’.

President Zelensky hit out at western governments for leaving his forces to face the Russians alone, while urging any European willing to defend the country come and join in the defence. He also ordered his military to admit anyone of any age willing to lay down their life in defence of the country.

Ukrainian troops were using armoured vehicles and snowploughs to defend Kyiv and limit movement, and said Russian spies were seeking to infiltrate the city. A truck was pictured riddled with bullets and bodies scattered around it, with Ukraine saying the men were Russian ‘saboteurs’ dressed in Ukrainian uniforms that it had killed.

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