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Choosing the Right CNC Machining Material- Is Polycarbonate a Great Choice?

Great technologies have graced the world over the last few decades. Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is an incredible process that has transformed many industries. It is a manufacturing process whereby the pre-programmed computer software controls the movement of machinery and factory tools.

It is widely used in the manufacturing industry to control a range of complex machinery. Standard machines used in the industry include mills, lathes, CNC routers, and grinders. 3D tasks are easy to undertake and accomplish within the stipulated period, thanks to CNC machining.

 The CNC machine market has grown over the years, and it is estimated to reach over 100 billion worldwide by 2025. You can attribute this tremendous growth to the use of distinctive CNC machines that increase productivity. The technology also allows a wider range of applications that many companies and individuals are eager to pursue.

Many people go for CNC machining because it has an unmatched influence on surface quality. It helps produce complex products or parts, yielding a prototype or high-quality finished products. All this attributes to the better mechanical properties of the final products or parts.

CNC Machining Advantages and the Different Materials to Use 

Machining greatly influences the materials you decide to use for different applications. It produces distinctive parts or products with excellent mechanical properties, repeatability, and accuracy from metal to plastic. You just need to consider the material you choose for different manufacturing projects or applications.

The good thing is that there are incredible benefits of CNC machining that will guide you also choose the best material. For instance, this manufacturing produces little to no waste. The different CNC machines run on software programs that undergo optimization that develops parts without waste.

CNC machines will guarantee zero defects and greater accuracy. Software programs control end-to-end processes, and the machines deliver unparalleled accuracy with any flaws. Enjoy faster and more efficient production as one can operate on their fastest settings to match increased demands.

If you are well acquainted with applications such as fused deposition modeling, it delivers parts that are quick to assemble. In light of this, you shouldn’t have any reservations about machining FDM parts. CNC machines guarantee unmatched accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about the dimensions of the parts.

Most importantly, when using CNC machines, rest assured of personal safety. These machines keep human beings away from any risk. They can function without an operator limiting the chances of an accident.

Why Choose Polycarbonate for Machining Applications

If you are into CNC machining, you have to go for the right materials all the time. Machining materials vary and will depend on their different applications. You will have a wide selection, from wood, plastic, and perhaps metal.

Polycarbonate (PC) is a top pick and common type of thermoplastics widely used in manufacturing. It is an excellent thermoplastic material preferred by many engineers, manufacturers, and designers in multiple industries.

As one of the oldest known polymers, polycarbonate has been used in many applications. They include:

  • Creation of safety goggles, optical disks, laptops
  • Car lighting systems
  • Shatter-proof windows
  • Military fighter jet canopies
  • Laboratory lenses
  • Electric circuits
  • Heat-loaded plastic parts

When selecting the best CNC machining material, knowing the properties that make it stand out is imperative. This makes it easy to choose the suitable material for an application in hand. Polycarbonate is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic you will, without a doubt, like to machine.

PC has a very high impact strength and modulus of elasticity. You will have a smoothly machined material, one that absorbs little moisture and resists acidic solutions. Additionally, polycarbonate has good dielectric strength, UV resistance, and higher temperature resistance.

When machining polycarbonate, there are impeccable machines to use. For best-machined parts, you need to harden the PC. The whole process helps reduce the chance of stress cracking occurring from the heat generated to the material.

For the highest quality precision machining, experts can use computer-controlled annealing ovens. Machining polycarbonate is a smooth project that requires the right CNC machines. The CNC milling technology is widely used to machine polycarbonate and produce quality parts.

Tips for CNC Milling Polycarbonate 

CNC mills are excellent for running on programs developed by a manufacturing team. With proper preparation, PC CNC milling is relatively easy. It gives a better edge finish, and the end products are outstanding.

Using polycarbonate, you can CNC mill complex shapes and parts more accurately. Feel free to get a CNC quote if you don’t know how to undertake such a machining project. It is the best way to get high-quality and properly machined parts.

Here are a few tips for undertaking PC CNC milling.

  • Use a wood or router milling machine for suitable precision.
  • Ensure you have a sharp cutter. The milling machine should have a sharp cutter to eliminate all the unwanted parts.
  • Select the correct cutter diameter. Consider the size of thermoplastic you are going to mill. Keep in mind that smaller cutters use high speed than thicker cutters.
  • ALWAYS support polycarbonate while CNC milling. It’s the best way to prevent vibrations while machining.
  • If you have thick polycarbonate sheets, you have to mill them in several steps. It’s the best way to get a clean edge finish and parts.

To Sum Up

 If you are into CNC machining, the materials you settle for are important. Significantly, you also have to know the suitable machines for the task. Polycarbonate has many important properties and can be used in many applications.

Get them from reputable manufacturers if you cannot machine your own polycarbonate or fused deposition modeled parts. Get them from a company that offers machining services. Once you get an instant quote, go on and order low-cost and precision machined parts.

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