Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 February 2022

Negligence, Fraud & Bribery; A day in the life of Pfizer

Many governments are offering pharma companies exemption from legal liability, but Pfizer has made indemnity demands that have gone way beyond that of other manufacturers. Pfizer has included additional indemnity from civil cases meaning that it would not be held liable for rare adverse effects, but also astonishingly, for its own acts of negligence, fraud, or malice including manufacturing errors. Acts that we show in this article, are not out of the ordinary for Pfizer.

Why though has the government failed to let the public know this? Pfizer has a long history of committing acts that would question their drug safety, and the drug pushing company’s, honesty, and integrity, why has the public not been made aware of this fact?

We Rely on Testimonials

Scanning reviews and testimonials have become increasingly common practice for our nation of consumers, and there are even websites created specifically for the purpose of enabling us to read the experiences of others before purchasing anything and everything from a tin opener to a car.

This enables us to have an informed choice as a consumer knowing whether a particular company or product is of quality, good value trustworthy, and importantly, is it safe. It seems ridiculous to say, but if there were over 1000 reported deaths attributed to a new product, in the first two months of sales, chances are everyone would know about it and it would be very unlikely that the product would still be available.

Exempt From Public Review?

That is, unless it is a big pharma company, such as Pfizer, as we know that this has happened with the Pfizer COVID product, yet it is still available, despite there being evidence that it is ineffective and potentially deadly.

When it comes to deciding to have a pharma product injected into our bodies where a potential side effect is death, “testimonials” or reports of adverse events are either met with cries of “fake news” or just censored altogether.

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