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Graphene: A Disruptive Opportunity for COVID‐19 and Future Pandemics? – March 2021

The graphene revolution, which has taken place during the last 15 years, has represented a paradigm shift for science. The extraordinary properties possessed by this unique material have paved the road to a number of applications in materials science, optoelectronics, energy, and sensing. Graphene‐related materials (GRMs) are now produced in large scale and have found niche applications also in the biomedical technologies, defining new standards for drug delivery and biosensing. Such advances position GRMs as novel tools to fight against the current COVID‐19 and future pandemics. In this regard, GRMs can play a major role in sensing, as an active component in antiviral surfaces or in virucidal formulations. Herein, the most promising strategies reported in the literature on the use of GRM‐based materials against the COVID‐19 pandemic and other types of viruses are showcased, with a strong focus on the impact of functionalization, deposition techniques, and integration into devices and surface coatings.

Keywords: 2D materials, antimicrobials, carbon nanomaterials, SARS‐CoV‐2, sensing


The present pandemic has motivated researchers with different backgrounds to fight against SARS‐CoV‐2. Graphene‐related materials present numerous benefits for new antiviral solutions. The interaction of graphene‐related materials with viruses, their virucidal activity, and their possible use in antiviral coatings and sensing devices for fast and reliable detection are highlighted.

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