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China continues to buy the American food chain … Chinese Agribusiness Poised to Open Factory in North Dakota Draws Scrutiny Over CCP Ties and Security Risks

A China-based bio-fermentation products maker coming to the United States is being touted as a win for the local economy, but there’s growing concern over its national security implications and potential ties to forced labor.

The Epoch Times spoke to Ross Kennedy, founder of Fortis Analysis, about his recent research concerning China-based company Fufeng Group Limited that’s poised to set up shop in midwestern America. Fufeng is a manufacturer of bio-fermented products derived from corn, which are used in end products ranging from animal feed to pharmaceuticals. A Hong Kong-listed company, the group has multiple subsidiaries around the world, but most of its production facilities can be found in northeast China.

In early November, it was announced that Fufeng Group is in negotiations to bring its agribusiness company to Grand Forks, North Dakota. The new plant, which employs a manufacturing process revolving around the fermentation of corn starch, is expected to consume about 25 million bushels of corn a year. The cost of construction is estimated to near $350 million. Fufeng USA, the company’s American subsidiary, is handling the new endeavor.

Dubbed as a “historic” investment and game-changer for area farmers, the prospective project has been described as “the largest single private capital investment in the region’s history” according to Keith Lund of the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation. On Jan. 12, city officials tentatively approved significant tax breaks for Fufeng Group, the Grand Forks Herald reported.

The future plant will be “wet corn milling” facility and is expected to be fully operational by 2024 or 2025, local media reported. The company will produce corn gluten meal, corn gluten feed, lysine, and threonine for predominate use in animal feed products.

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