Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 20 February 2022

Prince Andrew Settles Epstein Rape Case With Queen To Pay Accuser $10 Million

The settlement of the sensational case will allow Prince Andrew to participate his late father’s memorial service as a members of the Royal Family in a personal capacity at the end of March. With this in view, Prince Andrew finally settles the Epstein rape case while the Queen will pay the accuser $10 million

According to reports, the Queen would pay a portion of the tab for Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse case, which might cost up to £12 million.

The embarrassed Duke of York’s mother is reportedly planning to contribute to the settlement, which has been reached between attorneys on Tuesday in a stunning development, reports Daily Mail.

The decision is said to be a last-ditch effort to put the incident behind her ahead of her much-anticipated Jubilee festivities later this year, which he will reportedly be barred from participating.

It comes just days after Andrew promised to fight Virginia Roberts’ rape allegations in front of a judge in a public trial. Miss Roberts said that when she was 17, she was compelled to engage in sex with the Duke three times on the direction of the deceased child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

She was really only allowed permission to sue Andrew, 61, in a New York civil court for unspecified damages last month.

Despite swearing to fight the claims and constantly claiming his innocence, the prince chose to pay a large fee to reach a settlement before it went to a jury yesterday.

According to the Telegraph, sources imply that the Queen personally will contribute funds to the settlement.

The victim and her charity are expected to get more than £12 million, according to the tabloid, with the payments arriving from her private Duchy of Lancaster estate, which has lately increased by £1.5 million to more than £23 million.

Despite the fact that Andrew made no formal admission of wrongdoing or apologized, the agreement stated that he now accepts Miss Roberts was a ‘victim of abuse’ and that he resented his affiliation with Epstein, the notorious billionaire who trafficked numerous young girls.

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