Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 20 February 2022

Fired pharma employees reveal why they won’t get jabbed

‘So many people just live in fear, and they are living through what the media is telling them, and it’s just unfortunate that more people don’t actually do some research’

Employees who were fired by pharmaceutical company Syneos Health last week for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine have revealed why they risked their jobs rather than get the shot.

Syneos Health, a mammoth pharmaceutical corporation with over 28,000 employees in 110 countries, contracts with other pharmaceutical companies who hire Syneos’ sales representatives for additional manpower.

Johnson & Johnson/Janssen, for instance, contracts with Syneos to provide J&J with extra sales reps in addition to their own. Each J&J rep is then paired with a Syneos rep as they conduct sales calls to sell pharmaceuticals to health providers and doctors.

But while J&J, who manufactures its own COVID-19 vaccine, grants permanent exemptions for some of its employees, Syneos gave its employees the “no jab, no job” treatment.

“It’s the same exact job, same exact customers, same exact expense reporting,” one employee told The Epoch Times. “Everything is the same, we’re just employed through different employers. And yet we’re being forced to be vaccinated and they’re not. We’re being told it’s because we can’t do our job, yet my Janssen counterpart can be unvaccinated, have an exemption, and still do the same exact job.”

Another former employee cited the vaccine’s harmful effects.

“The government said do this; it is in your best interest and you can go back to normal,” said one former employee. “As time has gone on, we’ve seen, obviously, these are not actual vaccines that inoculate you and give you immunity. And there are a lot of reports of—and people that we know personally—who have been injured from these shots, so there’s a good percentage of us that never got them. As data continued to come in, we were not going to get them.

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