Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 20 February 2022

Bribery and coercion: How jabs are being forced on children

WITH the announcement that children aged five to 11 are to be ‘offered’ a Covid-19 vaccination,  it is clear that ministers are determined to pursue their child vaccine programme with heed neither to safety nor to need; the last vestige of resistance from the JCVI apparently having evaporated. Despite repeated urgent warnings from independent scientists and medics that the child vaccination should be paused, the pressure to get every child jabbed has continued unabated, as one father has confirmed to us. In his account below of his mounting scepticism and concern at the government’s mendacity and its refusal last year to listen to its own expert advice, he reports on the bribery and targeted pressure he and his family, amongst many, have been subjected to in the effort to make them comply.

On November 10, 2020, Matthew Hancock announced in the Commons that vaccination against Covid-19 was to begin. He was subsequently questioned by 53 MPs of all parties. To the deep shame of our parliament, not a single one asked Hancock why jabbing was considered the only response to a virus that did no serious harm to 98 per cent of the population. None asked the criteria for approving the jabs, or what guarantee he had that they would be effective. None asked about the safety of the jabs or the relevant drug trials. None questioned whether there would be side-effects, and what systems would be in place to record any adverse events. Not one, not even the supposedly anti-corporate socialists, asked why Big Pharma had been given immunity from civil and criminal legal action.

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