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NHS100k Schools Chris Whitty on Science, Medicine and Human Rights

NHS100k has written a letter to Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer (“CMO”) for England, responding to his letter to all “colleagues” in the Department of Health and Social Care stating it is their “professional responsibility to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection” – part of that responsibility, Whitty stated, was “getting vaccinated.”

NHS100k is a group bringing together NHS, care, and social workers who are saying NO to mandated experimental Covid injections.

In response, NHS100k tweeted: “Yesterday [9 February] we wrote to Chris Whitty and his signatories in response to his letter shown below dated 7th February that was sent to NHS staff. We are no more of a danger being vaccine free!”

Extracts from NHS100k’s response (emphases our own)

Dear Sir Chris Whitty

Your support for the staff vaccine mandate has been another reason for the staff crisis and service disruption.

You state that ‘one aspect of our professional responsibility is to reduce the risk of infection to others as far as possible so getting vaccinated against disease is part of that responsibility’.

Where is the categorical and peer reviewed evidence that staff and students being fully vaccinated will protect others?

There is no documented evidence for prevention of transmission of the virus and in the initial clinical trials for the current vaccines, this data could not be evaluated as it was not collected. Studies looking at transmission have not been in the hospital setting. However, the weekly vaccine surveillance reports clearly indicate the vaccines are not stopping transmission in the vaccinated as the case rates are significantly higher in that group.

Boris Johnson has stated to the public live on TV that ‘the vaccine does not stop you catching the virus or stop you passing it on’ and Sajid Javid is quoted as saying ‘two vaccines do not work against the new variant’.

You state the Covid vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ and provide a very high degree of protection from serious disease.

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