Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 February 2022

New York Fashion Week Models Sport Jockstrap ‘Covid’ Masks (Because they are dicks)

Several models walking the runway for the Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2022 show during Monday’s New York Fashion Week events wore odd, panty-like masks.

It only takes looking into the eyes of the models to see they can feel the cringe they’re taking part in. One person wore a lacey blue outfit with a breathe-through jockstrap mask.

Another individual wore all white, with a jockstrap face mask, boots and some sort of skirt. The model below was photographed gazing into the distance while wearing a salmon-colored face thong, a skirt and leather holsters at his sides.

With many liberals longing for face masks to become a permanent part of life in the “new normal” of the Great Reset, perhaps this is their attempt at making the coverings “fashionable.”

Hopefully, they don’t hold their breath while waiting for this style to catch on.

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