Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 February 2022

Why China is on track to replace the US as the world’s financial center

The US’ status as the global financial hub is under threat due to brazen corporate greed and self-harming government policy.

Holdings of Chinese government bonds rose in January, according to a February 12 report by Reuters citing official data, despite the fact that yield premiums have substantially narrowed between US and Chinese government debt.

These statistics come in the wake of a grim US January inflation report, showing that investors are turning to China to insulate themselves against inflation and ensuing rate hikes. Is this just an anomaly or part of a growing trend that could see China overtake the US as the global financial center?

Well, many experts have already been sounding the alarm over the latter prospect for some time. Just consider what Ray Dalio said last year. According to the Bridgewater founder’s interview with the Financial Times, “China already has the world’s second largest capital markets and I think they will eventually vie for having the world’s financial center. When you see the transition from one empire to another, from the Dutch to the British to the American, to me it just looks like that all over again.”

Dalio made these statements in response to China’s strong performance in 2020. In addition, it’s worth noting that the Covid-19 pandemic has been a serious challenge to the US’ position as the world’s powerhouse. Other factors, including fundamental government policy failings, are also working against Washington’s financial dominance.

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