Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 February 2022

The media is already demanding the metaverse be censored for “misinformation”

In the offline world, there’s no Big Tech giant listening to your every word, ready to police your conversations. The media wants the metaverse to be different.

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The relentless search of new parts of the social media and tech ecosystems that could yet be censored has reached a “milestone” now with Buzzfeed looking for ways to flush out “misinformation” on private Horizon Worlds, and hold Meta (Facebook) responsible if found not to be “doing enough.”

Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality (VR) online video game published by Meta Platforms for Oculus headsets, and the idea behind Buzzfeed’s “investigation” into how the thing complies with current online censorship “standards” being set in stone by corporate media is that Meta should monitor these private VR experiences for any “misinformation.”

Next stop: probing how well tech companies are doing monitoring and censoring conversations at your actual dinner table?

But in the meantime, says Buzzfeed, attempts to get Meta to explain how rules are being enforced in VR products have failed. However, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg first announced the VR focus, he spoke about the need to enhance privacy and safety, compared to Facebook’s other platforms and apps.

Unsurprisingly, those looking to find any fault with Facebook/Meta for all the wrong reasons, choose to latch onto the mention of safety rather than privacy, and to interpret safety to mean more “moderation” of things labeled as misinformation.

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