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10 New Year Resolutions for Cryptocurrency

As the New Year came, we had much more excitement to join, and one of these included coming up with some excellent resolutions. The last year belonged to Bitcoin and other digital coins. Thus it is a fair idea to think about these coins this year. One may argue that the coin is going beyond falling flat in the market as things are seen getting crashed in the current market. However, we know it is just a passing phase for coins like Bitcoin. They will shine again, and we see the market bouncing back for crypto. Thus, it is good to talk about some New Year resolutions surrounding cryptocurrency. Here we will discuss the top ten ones for 2022, if you plan to explore more about Bitcoin, you can check the link. Now, let us check the top 10 crypto resolutions as under: 

1). Pay someone in Digital coins 

The year 2022 comes with a bang, and you should try once to pay your employees or anyone to pay in digital coins. If you love these coins, you should also explore them and use them once at least this year. With the help of using Bitcoin, all you do is support your coming bright future. 

2). Charity with Bitcoin 

When you can buy your food or attires online using Bitcoin, you can even think of donating charity in the same coin. You can think of making this place a better one with the coin. Making this your NY resolution, you can undoubtedly gift any charity organization or NGO some donations in Bitcoin. 

3). Try one coffee with BTC 

It is not usual to buy using Bitcoin or any other digital coin. However, this can be a fantastic experience as it helps add the cup right with the crypto. When you can think of buying pizzas using the coins you earn, trying a cup of coffee with your near and dear ones can be interesting to try. You never know you can get tax rebates with it. 

4). Say no to Moon and ATH 

Instead of thinking only about the next shit-based coins or even waiting for some high-end stuff, you can plan to boost digital coin adoption. For example, you can think of issues like stability and liquidity that can help in boosting up the adoption of digital coins. Also, you can do things on your own and then improve upon the adoption part of building things quickly. 

5). Try visiting Moon with the help of Bitcoin 

It may appear utterly wishful, but you can plan to visit Moon using your BTC amount. You can even check if you can easily afford it. If you hold BTC, you can certainly afford it. 

6). Gift Cryptocurrency to your friends 

If you plan to visit any birthday party or any other anniversary party, you can think of gifting some Bitcoin-based gifts. Trying options like eGifter can help you in earning big.

7). Paying for your Dinner date 

If you have gone out with your girlfriend or boyfriend for a dinner date, you can always think of this resolution. Check for the restaurants on your map-based app to find the restaurant that accepts digital coins as payment. You have options in places like Bangkok, Maine, Portland, and other places to enjoy the same.  

8). Start earning some Bitcoins 

It is one of the best New Year-based resolutions to try this year. So why not try earning some Bitcoins or any other coins this year and give an excellent boost to your wallet. Earn big and win big.

9). Try Mining 

If you can mine the coins, you are likely to get huge. Several sites can help you in carrying out the mine the best. Once you mine some coins, you will be able to shop online and do many more exciting things with your earned coins.

10). Shop for an excellent domain name for your next venture 

If you plan for a startup, you have to think of some creative name for your business website. You can think of hosting the site live and getting the domain. You can certainly do it using Bitcoin or any other coins. It can be an enjoyable New Year’s resolution for 2022. 

So, what’s your resolution this year for Bitcoin? Do let us know by commenting below and understanding why and how Bitcoin and Crypto Crash.


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