Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 February 2022

Please Stop Getting Swabbed, Spanish Emergency Physician Says

Dr. José Luis Gettor an emergency physician in Spain has warned the population about the damage caused by PCR test swabs.

“Swabs are a weapon. They contain a substance developed by military intelligence called ‘DARPA hydrogel’. And the little tip of the swab isn’t plain cotton. Those swabs come from China. It’s not a plastic stick with a cotton tip. It’s a bundle of hollow nylon fibres that contain, among other things, ethylene oxide.

“Ethylene oxide is a poison that’s retained by the hydrogel. But when the swab penetrates the mucosa at 30ºC, the hydrogel melts. And keep in mind that ethylene oxide boils at 10.4ºC. That’s why it’s so painful. That’s why it’s so stinging. Because once the hydrogel melts, ethylene oxide is released and generates an ulcer at the bottom of the rhino pharynx.

“Far from making a diagnosis, what they’re doing is much, much harm. So, please, people, stop getting swabbed,” Dr. Gettor warned.


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