Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 13 February 2022

New DARPA Black Hawk A.I. War Machines Set to Take to the Skies

Anyone who has been following Activist Post for any length of time knows that we continue to sound the alarm about how the military has been working on A.I. systems that will increasingly become fully autonomous — it’s part of the Internet of Battlefield Things. The only area seemingly left up for debate is whether these machines will be unleashed without any human input whatsoever in the decision-making process.

Now that we are seeing the rollout of robo-dogs on the border and tests of putting them on American streets, any advancement in A.I. war capabilities should be assumed to eventually trickle down from foreign lands into the United States. Remember, it used to be a conspiracy theory back in the early 2000s that standard drones would ever fly over America.

Now Defense One is reporting that A.I.-infused Black Hawk helicopters have made an advancement to the extent where they can autonomously carry out a directive set by a commanding officer. This also raises the question of how many of these can be commanded by one human. We recently saw a demo of a drone swarm consisting of 130 separate drones being managed by a single human operator utilizing virtual reality.

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