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‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine Advisory Group Urges Immediate Pause to Roll-Out for Children

On Thursday, the Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Group (“CVAG”) wrote to the UK’s JCVI, Chris Whitty and Sajid Javid to urge an immediate pause to the Covid injection roll-out for children.

The request comes in light of new evidence of a potentially fatal safety signal in young males, which has not yet been investigated by regulators.  It cites findings from the US and Hong Kong showing a high prevalence of heart damage in boys and young men.

This is the second letter the JCVI has received in as many days urging for the child Covid injection roll-out to be paused.

On Wednesday, a separate group of 30 MPs, doctors and scientists, wrote: “We find it genuinely remarkable that, given the prior JCVI concerns, formal studies have not been put in place during the roll-out in these age groups with acknowledged limited benefit and significant knowledge gaps regarding safety … Pausing the current vaccine programme in children would allow time to undertake the necessary research which would resolve the difficulties affecting the current decision making.”

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How the ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccinated became Genetically Modified Humans

Everything you ever wanted to know about the genetics of vaccination, but were afraid to ask for fear of being cancelled by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Instagram, Spotify and umpteeen misled celebrities, musicians and venue hosts who think that genes are made by Levi Straus.

By a concerned reader

Our story begins in 1869 when the young Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher was looking for the building blocks of life in white blood cells (Leucocytes). It was thought at the time that our inherited characteristics were stored in proteins. But Miescher discovered a strange and enigmatic molecule which was definitely not a protein in our white blood cells. It resided in their nuclei. Hence he called it Nuclein.

He first published his discovery in 1871 and theorised that this Nuclein could carry the hereditary information of mankind in some kind of alphabet. He had in fact stumbled across DNA. But he was not able to prove its role in the human body during his life. For that proof, mankind had to wait for the arrival of Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty, who in 1944 proved that DNA was the biochemical in our bodies that determined our inherited characteristics, not proteins as had been thought in the previous scientific orthodoxy.

This precipitated a race to determine the chemical structure of DNA. A race which was won by Francis Crick and James Watson.

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