Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 13 February 2022

‘Covid’ patient given meds without consent at Woodmont Hospital

‘They took advantage of a senior with many co-morbidities. This didn’t have to happen.’

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On January 10, 76-year-old Ina was rushed to HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital accompanied by her daughter Leba. Ina had chronic lymphocytic leukemia and, when her hemoglobin levels had dropped, she had become extremely weak, prompting her visit to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Leba informed the medical staff that she had power of attorney (POA) and could make medical decisions on her mother’s behalf. One of the requests Leba made to the staff was that Leba be consulted prior to any drug being administered to her mother.

Leba, who has a background in healthcare, also requested that one particular drug, Remdesivir, not be administered to her mother under any circumstances.

Remdesivir is a COVID-19 drug recommended by the FDA and the CDC despite warnings by many doctors. While other drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been verified to cure early COVID-19, they have been largely shunned by the medical establishment and mainstream media, who continue to favor Remdesivir.

“Hospital administrators know that they will be extra for doing the PCR tests and positive test results,” said Dr. Lee Vliet, president and chief executive officer for the physician-founded Truth for Health. “A COVID diagnosis means admission to the hospital. On admission, there is an incentive payment. Use of Remdesivir provides a 20 percent bonus payment from our government to the hospital on the entire hospital bill for that COVID patient.”

Leba’s request to not administer her mother Remdesivir was noted in writing by the medical staff.

At intake, the nurse performed a rapid antigen COVID-19 test, and shortly after Leba was informed that her mother had tested positive and was placed in a COVID stepdown ward.

That’s when Leba started noticing something wasn’t right.

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