Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 February 2022

“There is a Very Strong Globalist Current in the World”: Lord Frost on Lockdowns, Net Zero, Threats to Free Speech and More

We’re publishing today a transcript of former Minister Lord Frost’s appearance on the Irreverend podcast, where he talks lockdowns, masks, Net Zero, free speech, the Online Harms Bill and more. The podcast is hosted by Church of England vicars Daniel French, Thomas Pelham and Jamie Franklin. From the episode blurb:

Until recently David Frost has been at the heart of the U.K. Government and has been deeply involved in seminal moments in British history including the Brexit negotiations and the Covid crisis. A deeply principled man, he quit the Government over his opposition to further Covid restrictions and has subsequently said publicly that he believes that lockdowns are a serious policy error. In this special interview, he addresses in-depth the Covid crisis and the real reasons for the Government’s response to it, the use of behavioural psychology, the relationship of the Government to the U.K. media, Brexit, the green agenda, free speech and the Online Harms Bill. We also speak about the Church of England and its failure to take the opportunity to offer hope in the midst of fear.


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