Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 February 2022

Canadian Radio Host Forced Off-Air for ‘Dangerous’ Pro-Convoy, Anti-‘Covid’ Passport Speech

A popular radio host in Canada is leaving his position with radio station Z95.3 after he espoused support for the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

In his last radio segment Wednesday, host Kid Carson discussed how he’s been instructed to ignore certain topics he feels are important, namely the convoy of truckers protesting vaccine mandates in the nation’s capital city.

“What silly, stupid thing that doesn’t really matter can I talk about today?” Carson said in a segment. “It weighs heavy on me not to share my honest feelings and commentary about what’s happening around us.”

“It seems I have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter.”

“I feel like I’m trying to stay on my best behavior so I can be liked again, so that I can keep my job. Instead of doing what we are all supposed to be doing, which is having passionate discussions about the insanity that is happening around us,” he said.

Carson went on to say, “This radio show sucks without another point of view. The whole media landscape sucks without another point of view.”

He also described media suppression of the convoy and pointed out that people who believe the convoy is racist have been deceived.

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