Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 February 2022

Awkward: Ontario Premier Asked Why He ‘Snowmobiled’ When Ottawa was ‘Under Siege’ by Freedom Convoy

A reporter pressed Ontario Premier Doug Ford Friday on why he decided to vacation if Ottawa was reportedly under “siege” by the “insurrectionist” trucker Freedom Convoy, as described by police.

“There’s been a lot of questions about you and your visibility,” CTV reporter Colin D’Mello told Ford.

“Premier, CTV News has obtained photos of you in cottage country. We’ve spoken with people who took pictures with you who say you were snowmobiling on Saturday, premier.”

“Can you explain why you decided to go snowmobiling during a stated ‘insurrection’ and ‘siege’ in Ottawa?” the reporter asked, destroying the narrative that the truckers represented a dangerous threat.

Ford ignored the reporter’s question and instead responded that he speaks with high-level government officials during all hours of the day.

“Fair enough, but you’re not dismissing what I’m saying here. I’m asking you premier, were you snowmobiling on Saturday in cottage country while Ottawa was ‘under siege,’ as you say?” D’Mello followed up.

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