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Should Vaccine Damage Liability Rest With Those Pushing The Experimental Jab?


The Hart group has been focusing on issues of the “appropriateness and efficacy, as well as safety of vaccinating children. After collating twelve months of data, attention has increasingly begun to turn to vaccine efficacy and vaccine damage, according to a report from the Hart Group. One of the issues that have not been explored by anyone is the liability for vaccine-induced damage.

This means liability to those not covered by the blanket government indemnity given to the vaccine manufacturers, but the potential liability of those pushing the vaccines.

That may be the personal liability of government officials, NHS employees, schools as well as public and private sector employers (or potentially the officials and employees of these organisations themselves).

The real issue here is that none of the individuals encouraging, administering, or “in other ways nudging or coercing the acceptance of these procedures has any idea of the content of the vaccines, nor of the medium or long term side effects that these might produce” says Hart.

Death Classified as Suicide
The group was prompted to report about this issue due to an unconfirmed report (court papers have not been published so as far as we are concerned this remains anecdotal) from France that a life insurance company had refused a claim under its policy against the death of an insured individual who died of the vaccine.

The insurance company was said to have been justified on their refusal on the basis that damage from experimental voluntary medical procedures is not covered (the vaccines are currently still of course only approved under an emergency protocol) and that such a death would therefore be classified as suicide.

The case was taken to the highest court in France and the claimants lost, as suicide from this cause was also not covered under its policy.

The authors of the report state that It is not clear that an English court, for a similar situation in England and Wales under English law, would come to the same conclusion. However, the view from discussions in the insurance market is that it would not, but this is also anecdotal at this stage. Although, suicide would almost invariably be covered under an English law life insurance policy.

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