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Not Just CNN: Mainstream Media Is on the Ropes

I’m beginning to sense something many of us have dreamed about since the beginning of this century—the serious decline of the mainstream media.

Dare I say a tipping point has come, that the witch is dead? Not quite, but she’s clearly stumbling around on her broomstick, wondering what to do next.

I’m not just talking about NBC’s pathetic coverage of the Beijing Olympics that nobody is watching, though that’s an indication.

Nor am I talking about the well-known polling that rates the media’s popularity somewhere below Congress, if such a thing were possible. That’s been going on for a while.

It’s more.

Let’s take a tour d’horizon, but first… CNN.

A widely discussed article by media critic Joe Concha concludes:

“The collapse of CNN is now complete: 9 out of 10 viewers, gone. Its top-rated anchor, Chris Cuomo, gone. Its network president, gone. Its integrity in shambles.

“Oh, and new management coming in that is signaling big-time changes … changes that may bring CNN back to the proud network it once was before [network President] Jeff Zucker destroyed it.”

True enough, but should CNN be brought back? A company that deliberately downplayed the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein’s regime (they even admitted it) in order to maintain their exclusive access to that same regime should have vanished years ago. We would have been spared all the endless Trump–Russia lies.

Actually, it doesn’t matter who replaces management at CNN because the real ownership hasn’t changed—WarnerMedia and, above that group, AT&T.

And above AT&T, as with the other two giant corporations who control the vast majority of the mainstream media landscape, The Walt Disney Co. and Comcast, their true capo di tutti capi is China—because the communist-controlled nation is the one whose mammoth audience they crave.

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