Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 February 2022

How The Green Blob Duped Johnson Over Climate Change Hoax

A January 2020 Cabinet Office presentation that is said to have changed Boris Johnson’s mind over the causes of climate change and acted as a ‘road to Damascus’ has been ridiculed by a number of sceptical journalists after it came to light last week following a FOI request. U.S.-based Climate Depot run by Marc Morano said Johnson had been “duped” by U.K. activists, while Paul Homewood from Not A Lot of People Know That, preferred the word “conned”. Overall, Homewood described the event as a “childish attempt to scare the PM”.

It seems to have succeeded. After the meeting Johnson noted “an almost vertical kink upwards in the temperature graphs. He said: “This was a very important moment for me.” Of course, most of the kinks came from climate models, now commonly referred to in the green climate business as ‘evidence’. In fact they are nothing of a kind, having registered 40 straight years of wrong and usually ludicrously high forecasts.

Climate Depot suggested that a more relevant chart to show the Prime Minister was recently produced by the Smithsonian Institution and tracked global temperatures since life took off on Earth (see above). It is very clear, said Climate Depot, that the current temperature of the Earth does “not represent a ‘climate emergency”.

There appears to have been a concerted effort around this time by green advisers, official and unofficial, to bring Boris Johnson fully on board with the green Net Zero agenda. Shortly after becoming Prime Minister in 2019, his partner (now wife) Carrie Symonds said that politicians had a “gigantic responsibility to make the right decisions” about what she described as a climate crisis.

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