Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 February 2022

Embarrassing Canadian capital leaders declare state of emergency over Freedom Convoy – a state of emergency over Canadian capital leaders and Trudeau would be better

Ottawa mayor seeks federal assistance, insisting anti-Covid-mandate protest is out of control

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency, citing “serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents,” as Freedom Convoy truckers and their pedestrian supporters continue to occupy the capital. The move comes after Watson lamented earlier on Sunday that police have been outnumbered by the demonstrators, and indicated he wants the federal government to help quash the protest.

“The situation at this point is completely out of control because the individuals with the protest are calling the shots,” Watson told Newstalk radio. “They have far more people than we have police officers and I’ve indicated to the chief that we have to be much more nimble and proactive when it comes to these activities.”

Before announcing the emergency, Watson pleaded with the federal government to “sit down and have some kind of a discussion, some kind of mediation to get this situation resolved because it’s now spreading across the country.”

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