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Ethereum Price Prediction For 2025

According to experts in the crypto space, the behaviors of cryptocurrencies are hardly predictable. Even though Ethereum is still presently the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, no one is completely sure what the following years might hold for the digital token. Even though there have been some bullish predictions about the price of Ethereum in the closing of last year, many investors and crypto experts are still waiting to see significant changes in its price in 2022.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world or have been around for a while, you definitely must have your eyes on Ethereum because of its amazing features and functionalities. So, in this post, we will be giving some details about Ethereum price prediction for the couple of years to come. So, read on to see all that we’ve got for you.

Ethereum Price Prediction for 2022: What Experts Say about It

Unfortunately, most experts in the crypto space have been a bit bearish about the price of Ethereum. In the closing of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the market has suffered a massive sell-off which cause it to lose more than a fifth of its total value. 

There could be many factors responsible for this. It could be the new COVID-19 variant as more investors are trying to make their portfolios less risky as the news about the new variant increase. But this is not only happening to crypto – even the stock market is suffering from the same hit. 

Another reason people might not be as bright with Ethereum price prediction this year as the former year could also be due to the general public’s discontent about NFTs. There has not been a lot of good publicity about NFTs in recent months. Although we may not be entirely correct about these speculations, we think it is something to consider when predicting how well Ethereum will do in the coming years. Let’s take a look at what experts say about Ethereum’s price prediction.

Wallet Investor

Experts from Wallet Investor were a bit bullish about their prediction as they predicted that Ethereum would continue to enjoy some short growth spurts this year. They expect the price to hit $7000 by the end of 2022 and get really close to $20,000 by the end of 2026.   


Based on their technical analysis, the experts from TradingBeasts concluded that investors should expect a rise in the price of Ethereum in 2022. They predicted that the coin’s value will slowly continue to increase through the year but may not exceed $5000 even till 2024. 

Gov Capital

With Gov Capital’s prediction, Ethereum is likely going to experience brief periods of growth, which will be eventually followed by sell-offs, and the cycle will keep repeating itself till the end of the year. The experts predict a short-term downward trend in the price of Ethereum. But overall, they were still bullish in the long run about their prediction.


This is one of the most bullish Ethereum price predictions right now. The experts on this platform were extremely positive about the coin’s future. They predicted that Ethereum will likely hit $7000 by 2024 and said the growth will only stall for a brief period of time in 2025, and afterward, it will continue to rise. That’s good news for investors anyway!

Ethereum Price Prediction For 2023

Based on the forcast of many experts in the industry, 2023 is likely going to be a great year for Ethereum. The moment the coin is able to make a complete switch to a Proof of Stake algorithm and bring its Ethereum 2.0 upgrade to a complete launch, the crypto will definitely experience a tremendous increase in popularity. It will be fiercely competing with Bitcoin at that time and even overtaking it. 

The new features incorporated into the new upgrade will increase Ethereum adoption within and outside the crypto community. More businesses and institutional investors will be interested in it, and Ethereum will likely be breaking into the $10K price level by that time. By the end of 2023, we should all expect to see Ethereum selling at $7K.


Ethereum Price Prediction For 2024

Both experts and market commentators in the crypto space are looking forward to Ethereum having lots of partnership and integration come 2024. Looking at all that, Ethereum will likely have an outstanding year in 2024. However, there may not be any significant increase in the price and market cap of the coin in 2024. 

Of course, there is a possibility of seeing the coin hit $15K by the closing of 2024, but as at now, we don’t think that is likely going to happen based on different forecasts we have reviewed. In our opinion, Ethereum’s price will likely going to be sitting at the $10K mark in 2024.


Ethereum Price For 2025

Since we expect to see this coin continue to rise, our 2025 prediction is again very optimistic. With little to no significant changes happening to crypto regulation through the years, we expect the year 2025 to be a good one for Ethereum. We are hoping the network scalability issues will be resolved this year. And when that happens, it is definitely going to reflect on the price of Ethereum in 2025 and even beyond.

But even at that, Ethereum may have a hard time breaking the resistance of the $13K price mark in 2025. The coin is likely going to be $13,000 and below in the year. However, the minimum price may not go lower than $9,000. 


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