Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 6 February 2022

German hospital denies care to 3-year-old child over parents’ vaccination status

A hospital in Germany has denied care to a toddler because his parents are not vaccinated.

The young Cypriot has a heart condition that requires specialist surgery not available in Cyprus, and as such was to be flown to Frankfurt, but on finding out the child’s parents were unvaccinated the German hospital reversed its decision and refused to treat the boy. According to reports from Politico and Breitbart, the boy was also refused treatment in the UK and Israel.

Luckily, a hospital in Athens has agreed to operate on the child, but this is still a worrying development.

To be clear, children under five are not required to be vaccinated in Germany, and there is no law stating unvaccinated parents are not allowed inside hospitals. Rather, according to a German health ministry spokesman, it is left up to hospitals to decide their own policies.

Whoever decided on the policy, refusing any care, especially to children, is a terrible precedent to set. That this was allegedly the hospital’s decision is of little comfort, considering the state did nothing to protect the child or his rights.

We’ve seen much of this during the pandemic, a process by which governments create atmospheres without actually making rules or changing laws.

In the UK ALL mask mandates and laws included clauses that stated it was both a) anyone’s right to refuse to wear one if they felt it caused them distress, and b) illegal to challenge people or demand their reason for not wearing a mask.

Despite these facts, businesses and even members of the public took it upon themselves to rigidly enforce masking rules that never existed, routinely breaking the law in doing so.

The same is true of ventilators. The EU, US and UK all issued “guidance” that “suggested” or “recommended” the use of ventilators for “Covid” patients, without ever making it a rule. This guidance was treated as a rule, and likely resulted in a lot of avoidable deaths.

That is how the “pandemic” has worked. Unbridled hysteria is deliberately cultivated and then simply allowed to run rampant.

It’s not hard to see that extending into healthcare for the unvaxxed.

No government will make hard-and-fast rules about preferential use of resources or denying treatment, but they may issue weasel-worded “guidelines”, whilst publicly stating that all health care decisions are made by hospitals.

We have already seen hospitals in the US remove patients from transplant lists for being unvaccinated. Canada’s medical institutions have defended the policy.

The government of Western Australia is already forbidding unvaccinated parents from visiting their children in hospital.

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