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Which software would be great for document control?

Workflow automation software is a great opportunity for owners of businesses to make the work of the employees more and more effective. The fact that people have an opportunity to manage all the documentation with their only desktop and mobile devices means that either small or big companies may spend much less time on different paperwork. 

In fact, you have an opportunity to place the digital version of your signature on some paper, which allows skipping many annoying and time-consuming costs. 

However, it is not an easy task at all to find a great application for document workflow management. Some potential candidates are way too expensive for small businessmen, while the others are free, but their reputation is kind of questionable. 

Nowadays, good services for the document workflow process need to match the following criteria:

  • Safety for its users. People need to be sure that their data is kept under the control of the security system of the service. 
  • The simple interface. Common workers who will have to work with the workflow automation software need to use it without issues. Everything must be simple for them. 
  • Optimization for mobile devices. This feature will be useful for everyone on the working team due to the ability to manage documents with only a smartphone or tab. 
  • Synergizing with other applications. Having an opportunity to combine the work of the software to automate workflow and other apps make the chosen platform for document control much more comfortable. 

Finding a service with the right criteria will guarantee the optimization of the efficiency of working. And one free platform will be great for your service. The Pandadoc will be the right choice. 

Why choose Pandadoc?

To start with, the main benefit of the Pandadoc is the fact that it is free. You can start optimizing your workspace without any costs. And the fact that you don’t have to pay does not mean, that the application has disadvantages. 

First of all, it cares about the safety of its users. Documentation is an important part of every business. So that, taking care of it protects you from different unpleasant occasions. The full-time support service of the platform will be always here to help you. 

Moreover, the platform combines the simplicity of the interface and a wide variety of useful functions. Each worker on your team will be fine with using this document generation software

The opportunity to use mobile devices will also be handy for them because they will have an opportunity to examine the document and deal with it even when they have no access to their computers. 

Pandadoc is a bright example of the service, which provides great services, being fully free for its users. 


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