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Slip And Fall Injury

As you go about your errands here and there, you might slip and fall and get seriously injured or just get a scratch or a bruise. If not seriously hurt, you just walk up, dust yourself off and go. But somehow, when you wake up, you feel embarrassed and shy, all eyes are on you as you get up from the ground.

Anywhere and especially at the workplace, one can slip, fall, and get injured. This depends on the surface one has landed on or even the posture. In this case, this injury is termed a personal injury claim. An environment where people walk up and down doing different activities should be human-friendly; the surface should be smooth and delicate.

Areas where Signs should be Indicated 

In a workplace where a repair is undergoing 

The employers need to be notified earlier to avoid the area for safety purposes. By this, the employee is trying by all means to prevent cases of personal injury claims.

In a building being painted 

The premises owner needs to put a signpost that indicates the paint is wet, and people should avoid the area to prevent any claims that may occur.

In a construction building where pedestrians walk or vehicles pass 

The contractor should put a signboard that people should avoid the area to prevent any accidents.

In a company or an office, the cleaners can put up a sign pallet showing that the floor is slippery and people should mind their steps to avoid any injury. These signposts are essential, but people tend to ignore and conclude that people can instruct themselves on what to do in such scenarios.

When you slip and fall, you can have minor or severe injuries, including fractured or broken bones, brain injury, spinal injuries, bruises and cuts, dislocated joints, etc. When the accident of slip and fall occurs, the first action you need to take is to seek medical attention. Your health status should be your priority before thinking of anything else.

Once the doctor has examined you, you can now report the incident to the relevant authority for further investigation. Afterward, you need to fill in a document for compensation. Fill in the details as required to get compensated.

When you visit the hospital, the premise in charge of where the accident occurred should be the one liable to foot the bill in the hospital. You didn’t plan this slip and fall issue, and the odds might be higher that you lack the money to cater for that. This matter has been caused by someone being careless and ignorant.


Thus, the law offices of Sullivan & Galleshaw do have a slip and fall injury lawyer that deals with such matters. They stand on behalf of the victim and follow up on the issue to ensure that the client has received complete treatment, and the hospital bill is catered for as soon as possible.

Caretakers and any other personnel working on-premises should alert the people around them on the dangers of an area.

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