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Disturbing Whistleblower Recordings Reveal US Children Are Being Injected With Poorly Mixed ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

Shocking whistleblower recordings reveal that children are being injected with poorly mixed Covid-19 vaccines.

The whistleblower, who is employed through DocG/Ambulnz, came forward with the recordings that show health workers using bacteriostatic water instead of saline solution to mix the vaccines, which goes against guidelines provided by Pfizer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Guy Banks, a supervisor with DocGo/Ambulnz said: “Make sure it’s the right one because some people got the wrong one.”

Banks attributed improper training on the medical professionals giving out the wrong mixture to children, which could cause or worsen possible adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“On my first day, there were no instructions about mixing the vaccine. I called the supervisor and asked, ‘how do I dilute this vaccine?’ He told me to ‘YouTube it.’ We were never given an in-service,” Banks added.

However, DocGo President Anthony Capone said that there is no record of improper mixtures ever being supervised by the company: “We have no circumstances in company history when bacteriostatic water was used in diluting vaccine.”

A media report revealed that there are now over 80 medical centres in the United States participating in studies that inject children as young as six months old with the jab. According to reports, 3,000 children were selected to participate in the study, with the University of Wisconsin (UW) taking the lead.

It is clear that the safety of children has taken a back seat and was never in the picture when it came to big pharma, after all, all they are after is money and power.

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