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The Growing Weight of Censorship: What Are They Hiding?

Longtime readers know that this website was defunded in June 2021. While this was incredibly stressful for the team of people that rely on The Organic Prepper as a source of income, in a perverse way, it’s a badge of honor. It means that Daisy has joined the ranks of President Trump, Dr. Robert Malone, and Alex Berenson, formerly of the New York Times. All of these people have been kicked off platforms due to being labeled spreaders of “misinformation.”

While The Organic Prepper has survived, it’s worth noting that censorship, in general, has only been getting more intense in the past year.

How censorship has escalated within the past year…

On January 8, 2021, President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter. The excuse for a company to de-platform a sitting president? He was accused of inciting violence during the January 6 demonstration at the Capitol, despite the fact that in his transcript, he specifically urged everyone to remain peaceful.

In August 2021, Twitter permanently banned former New York Times science reporter Alex Berenson. His crime? Publishing a pharmaceutical company’s own trial data.

Twitter also booted the prominent virologist, Dr. Robert Malone, in December 2021, with no explanation. The ban came after Dr. Malone posted a video critical of the above-referenced pharmaceutical company’s mRNA jabs. 

Twitter boasts approximately 400 million users. It can be a great source of income for people with huge followings. Conversely, kicking those popular folks off can really do damage to their financial status. 

Trump and Dr. Malone both have a variety of income sources. However, Alex Berenson is a professional writer, and his story is worth following for anyone not only curious about the state of healthcare in the United States but also those of us working in media. 

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