Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 January 2022

Cathy O’Brien: How the mind can heal the body

MK Ultra mind control programmers are skilled in manipulating subconscious mind/brain function on levels that regulate breathing, heartbeat, and eye blinks. This is evident, for example, in Military Special Forces “No Time to Bleed” programming so soldiers can take a bullet and keep on going.

Imagine how you can regulate your health by controlling these subconscious mind/brain functions with your own free thought strength of spirit!

These innate gifts have been overridden for generations by Big Pharma suppressing information in education while simultaneously suppressing our immune system with pharmaceuticals to generate money and control. As we wake up from mind control masked as a virus, we must awaken from all levels of programming through becoming consciously aware of them. This is our time to heal, reclaim self control, and rediscover the amazing capabilities we were born with. Our bodies, minds and spirits are resilient and strong, just waiting to be reclaimed and freely expressed.

It is univerSOUL justice to me to see the negative of my past experience in MK Ultra mind control be turned into a positive that informs and empowers others. I learned the ins and outs of my own brain in my healing process, and I celebrate the freedom to direct my own thoughts in healthy, productive ways.

Tortures I endured had resulted in compartmentalized memory, which is professionally defined as the mind’s sane defense to trauma too horrible to comprehend. Our brains automatically shut down neuron pathways in the brain around traumatic memory, repressing it so the rest of the mind can function normally. As more trauma was deliberately inflicted, more compartments developed until my brain was so divided I had no capacity left for normal function.

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