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More Than A Dozen Brain-Dead Cops Surround Man Holding a Tiny Box Cutter, Execute Him Like a Firing Squad

Nashville, TN — The family of Landon Eastep is demanding accountability for the officers who “murdered” their family member on Thursday. Eastep was apparently in the midst of a mental health emergency when he was surrounded by more than a dozen cops who had no problem executing him in broad daylight.

On Thursday, police spotted a man sitting on a guardrail on I-65 and less than 30 minutes after the first officer arrived, Eastep would be dead.

“I wasn’t aware there was anything wrong,” Samantha McGill-Barge, Eastep’s sister-in-law, told The Daily Beast, adding that Eastep’s now-widow was in contact with a lawyer but had no plans to take legal action. The two had dated for nearly four years and been married just shy of a year, McGill-Barge said.

“He loved my sister and my kids very much and, to my knowledge, was a good guy. It’s a very unfortunate situation. I’m in shock. I was at home with my kids when I found out,” she said.

“Eastep was unjustly executed with over 20 shots in very close rage by Metro Nashville officers, and THP,” McGill-Barge wrote on the GoFundMe Page for her deceased brother-in-law. “This man had only a box cutter and had already shown it to officers before they killed him in cold blood. Landon was sitting on the side of the guardrail, bothering no one when a THP had stopped and tried to talk him into leaving the guardrail and going with him.”

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