Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 29 January 2022

Israel ‘Covid’ ICU Admissions Hit Record Level Despite High Fake Vaccination Rates and Early Booster Campaign

Covid ICU admissions in Israel hit record levels this week, reaching 130.5 per million on January 26th 2022, topping a previous peak of 127.1 per million on January 19th 2021. Why is this when Omicron is milder and last winter almost none of the country was vaccinated whereas now most of it is?

At the previous peak only 6% of the country were double-vaccinated. Now 65% are, plus 46% are triple-vaccinated and around 8% are quadruple vaccinated. Israel was also first out the block with its booster campaigns. If the purpose of the vaccination programme was to relieve pressure on the health service – and recall it was supposed to be a two-dose vaccine, not three or four doses – it’s hard to see how it has helped much.

Having said that, the number of patients in ICU is still only around two thirds of the peak level, suggesting the stays may be shorter.

Also, deaths are currently less than half the peak – though as Dr. Noah Carl points out, this is higher than you would expect from 95% effective vaccines.

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