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What type of pool to select for your new home in Airlie Beach QLD Australia

If you have decided to build a relaxing backyard space in your home, then make sure your backyard has a swimming pool to it to add some cool-factor. Installing a swimming pool at your home has many benefits such as, it keeps you cool in summer, great for having a fun time with family and friends, and for fitness and exercise purposes, and to relax. If you are living in Airlie QLD Australia, you know that pools are an important and archetypal part of the household. Before taking the plunge to install or build a swimming pool, finding and selecting the best and trusted pool builder in Airlie Beach is something you need to work on.

Here are some useful tips to help you create a dream pool that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Get your pool builder for pool installation and backyard design to give your space a refreshing update. You first need to decide the type of swimming pool you want, whether you want an above ground or an inground pool, and what will be the size. Discuss all the options for incorporating an amazing pool in your backyard with your pool builder.

When talking about types of pools, there are two main types: in-ground and above-ground pools. Your pool builder or designer can design the pool using different combinations of building materials to make your pool look distinct and stylish. 

In this article, we will discuss the most common pool designs to help you choose depending on your desired building materials and the pool’s location.

Plunge pool

Plunge pools are the most popular and surged designs in Australia especially in Airlie Beach QLD. If you are facing a space issue to get a pool fit in your backyard, plunge pools offer the best and smaller alternative to a traditional swimming pool. These pools are installed as in-ground pools, they can also be installed as above-ground pools if you use concrete or fiberglass material.

Diving pool

Diving pools are a type of in-ground pool and it has diving boards. Therefore, it should be constructed to be a very deep pool for diving, so that the diver when diving from the diving board may not hit the bottom and get injured.

Freeform pool

Freeform pools, also a type of in-ground pool, do not have any specific design or shape but when installing it, the builder has to keep in mind the landscaping and work accordingly. The pool builder must know the owner’s preference about the design and size of the freeform pool. The building material for a freeform pool depends on the size of the pool, but mostly builders use either gunite or concrete.

Infinity pool

The infinity pool is a unique pool design, as the edge of the infinity pool extends into the horizon, giving a beautiful illusion that the pool has no boundary giving a visual effect of water and makes it an ideal spot to watch the sunset setting in the horizon. The building materials used for infinity pools are usually gunite and concrete.

Lap pool

Lap pool is ideal for those who are interested in swimming for exercise and keeping fit and healthy. The length of the lap pool can be of any length according to the size of the property, these pools are at least 50 feet long and in rectangular shape. Lap pools can be built with most materials such as fiberglass, gunite, concrete. 

Natural pool

Natural pools are designed to blend in with nature. It has a sand-filled beach, artificial rocks, and water features to make it aesthetically appealing. The selection of building material for this type of pool depends on the size of the pool and complexity of the landscape around the pool.

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