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Toronto Man Says Pfizer ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine is Responsible for the Death of his Healthy 17-Year-Old Son

Dan Hartman, a man from Toronto, Canada, testified before the Toronto City Council last week that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine killed his son. Whilst the father is certain about what is responsible for his son’s death, the case is still reported as “uncertain.”

The meeting was open to the public and featured multiple speakers who shared their thoughts on the local administration’s approach to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Hartman was one of the speakers who openly spoke about his son, Sean, who had a tragic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine.

During his testimony, the father said: “My son played hockey … since he was eight years old. He took a year off for COVID and he got extremely bored sitting in his bedroom. He decided to go back to hockey this year, and to do that he had to have a vaccination to play hockey.”

As a response to the pandemic, many hockey clubs across Ontario have imposed Covid-19 vaccine mandates on anyone who wishes to play. All athletes aged 12-years-old and up were asked to provide proof of vaccination to participate.

On August 25th, 2021, Sean received his first dose of the Pfizer jab. Almost instantly, the teen began experiencing side effects caused by the vaccine. His father said: ” “He had a rash all over his neck and face and brown circles around his eyes.”

Four days later, Sean was taken to the hospital where he was sent home with a prescription for ibuprofen.

“On the morning of Sept. 27, his mother found him dead on the floor beside his bed,” said Dan. “All he wanted to do was play hockey.”

Dan and his wife ordered an autopsy to try and put the pieces together as to why Sean tragically passed away. However, the autopsy did not provide any answers and only raised more questions.

The coroner refused to rule on Sean’s possible cause of death, only listing his death as “unascertained.” Shockingly, this conclusion is found in only two percent of autopsies.

Interestingly, the autopsy did reveal that Sean had a “slightly enlarged heart” at the time of his death. Sean had not been diagnosed with any heart conditioning and the vaccines have consistently been linked to cardiac issues including myocarditis and pericarditis.

Dan Hartman sought a second opinion from another source, so sent the autopsy results to “a second well-known pathologist in Canada who wants to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job.”

The doctor concluded that the Covid-19 vaccine was responsible for the death of Sean.

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