Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 January 2022

Rebelcopter covers truckers freedom convoy in Calgary

The already-sizeable truck convoy that is making its way across Canada stopped over in Calgary on Sunday night, and by Monday morning they were once again on their way towards the nation’s capital.

Unfortunately, and it remains to be seen if this is merely a result of the sheer volume of vehicles, but some are suggesting, in unconfirmed reports, that federal direction may have come in to play with the opening of all weigh stations in order to delay the convoy’s progress.

These frequent weigh station delays meant that some folks who were in the convoy, who were meant to arrive last night were still pulling in at the scheduled departure time this morning.

As a result, the convoy did not get back on the road until about 9 a.m.; but the delays did nothing to dampen the feeling of energy and freedom in the air.

We wanted to bring you many perspectives on this story, so our very own Mocha Bezirgan will be embedded with the convoy as they make their way east, but Kian Simone, Syd Fizzard and I had a unique opportunity to cover the gathering of the convoy from the skies above Calgary in a helicopter.

After our sky high approach, we returned to land to bid the boisterous and honking convoy Godspeed from ground level as they left the city.

Having only travelled a province and a half, the parade of anti-mandate protests stretched on farther than the eye could make out, there is no telling how large the freedom convoy will be by the time it reaches Ottawa. To find out, continue following the story at

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