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How To Make A Passive Monthly Income In Affiliate Marketing

It is easy to understand a great interest in the profession of an affiliate marketer. Inasmuch as nowadays experts in this field are demanded by multiple small and large businesses. Affiliate marketing is very convenient because it allows delegating promotion activity, which is a necessity for any business, to specialists. So, there shouldn’t be any problem finding a job.

Moreover, there is no fixed payment for marketing services because the income depends on a certain agreement and received results. This means that there are no restrictions on the marketer’s salary growth. 

Although it is complicated to accurately determine how much do affiliate marketers make, there is a payment scheme, which is followed by most affiliate marketers and those who hire them. Thus, newbies in affiliate marketing earn in average from 1% to 5% of the income, which was caused by the marketing service. When it comes to more experienced experts the commission for the project is exactly above 20%.

It is necessary to take into account that the commission depends on multiple factors like the business field, marketing budget, competitors’ promotion projects, customers’ individual requirements, and others. In addition, of course, the portfolio and reputation of an affiliate marketer have a great impact on the payment for their services.        

However, the most attractive peculiarity of the activity of an affiliate marketer is that the profession allows you to make a passive income. What exactly does a passive income mean when it comes to the field of affiliate marketing?

A passive income is a steady stream of revenue, which is earned in a way that does not require a lot of time and effort. One more key feature of the passive income is that it is quite simple to retain it, which means that this revenue is a payment, which is wholly owned by the recipient. The best example of such kind of income is payments, which the author still keeps receiving for the book, which was written decades years ago. 

As for affiliate marketing, a great example is running a blog and posting affiliate links there. It is possible to make money on every click on each of posted affiliate links. So, as long as visitors of the blog click on published affiliate links you receive a passive income. Consider that even if the article with clicked affiliate links was posted a year ago, you still can make money on it. 

However, it is not as easy to assure yourself a passive income as it seems to be. The point is that it should be a steady stream of revenue, not a one-off payment. To make a passive income a reality it is necessary to provide high-quality marketing. Thus, it is not enough to pass a link into the text and post it. 

At first, there is a necessity to do a huge amount of work from exploration of the market and competitors’ offers to elaboration of a content plan and concept strategy. What is more, do not think that if you have achieved a stable passive income from a certain project, you can relax and forget about it. Consider that it is important to continue to: 

  1. monitor affiliate metrics
  2. control the effectiveness of your content
  3. identify failed items
  4. make changes to the plan to improve it 

Of course, it is obvious that it is possible to earn a passive income only from successful marketing projects. So, to increase your chances to assure yourself a stable stream of revenue it is reasonable to develop content creation skills, choose the business field, which is clear to you, implement various affiliate marketing schemes, and never stop learning.  


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