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Different types of gaming forums: How to choose the right one?

Gaming forums are online social communities for gamers to talk about particular games, chat with each other, and learn about new releases. They are also a place for gamers to share content they create or download from other members. Some sites such as F95zone even allow gamers to create their online tournaments (where they participate in teams) dedicated to different games.

There is an endless supply of gaming forums out there that you can find, but it always comes down to your interests, what type of forum you are looking for and which one will meet your needs and standards.

  1. Console-Based Gaming Forums – These are created by companies such as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and others who have specific teams dedicated to feeding information on current, upcoming and previous consoles. 
  2. Video Game Forums – Video game forums focus on new releases or updates of popular video games titles, typically through discussion threads or blogs posts shared by forum members themselves.
  3. Community-Based Gaming Forums – These are the most popular gaming forums. The most common aspect of these forums is user interaction and sharing, rather than just posts or information about a specific game 
  4. Game-Specific Forums – Individual companies, developers or publishers often create these to interact directly with their community of players without having to deal with a whole bunch of different accounts from different sources.
  5. Multiplayer Gaming Forums – These forums focus on multiplayer aspects of games, such as the latency and server issues that may occur when playing with friends online when the game is first released or when the developers release a new expansion pack.

Which Gaming Forum Suits you the best?

There are a lot of gaming forums out there, but deciding which one is the best for you can be difficult. The answer depends on what you are looking for in a forum and how much time you want to put into creating an excellent portfolio to show off. However, it can be easier to answer if you gather a few things.

  • How long is your posting history with the gaming forum? 

 If it’s way over ten years, your portfolio will look very professional and credible compared to someone who posts every few months. Gaming forum members generally don’t take kindly to long-term members looking to scam or cheat them. 

  • Are you a good poster? 

It means that you have a solid reputation for posting quality content that is easy to understand and read and does not break community rules and guidelines. 

  • What interests you the most?

 If they are precise, it might be not easy to find a gaming forum that would fit in with your niche. It will also make it more difficult for people who enjoy the same types of games as you because there may be some things that are similar but different, producing debates between members on both sides of the spectrum.


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