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Period underwear: How to pick the right period panties?

  • Period Underwear: Our 10 Most Favourite Period-Proof Lingerie Brands

Period lingerie – or period underwear – has become so popular that one can now buy a pair just about anywhere. The bad news, however, is that not all brands are as wonderful as each other. What that means is that while some finally get to enjoy more comfort during this often-challenging time, many go from one disappointing experience to the next. It can be so difficult to find a good match that they never fully understand why everyone seems to be raving about these products… Well, you no longer need to worry: We’ve done some research!

On our podium, those period panties that do everything right. Social and environmental commitment, inclusiveness, efficiency, beautiful designs… the perfect period underwear IS out there! Some may be a little less exceptional, but got us convinced nonetheless. Thanks to our Top 10, all your questions about period underwear will be answered and you can select the best one to suit your needs.

  • 1. Elia Lingerie

Elia Lingerie’s version of period underwear is our absolute favourite. Made from organic cotton, their lingerie is crafted in France and has received a STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX: A perfect score for the environment. By limiting the use of chemical products and favouring a local production cycle to reduce carbon emissions, this brand makes no false promises.

Beyond their environmental commitment, the people at Elia Lingerie also work towards raising awareness about a seldom-known condition: Endometriosis. The brand donates 10% of its proceeds to support research and help menstruating people who suffer from this disease.

Elia is an extraordinarily inclusive brand, its collection ranging from a size 10 years all the way to EU 60. High-rise panties, briefs, thongs, hip huggers… Whatever your preference, you are bound to find the right pair of period underwear to fit your needs and morphology. The same goes for absorption levels, since 4 different flows are catered for, including an option for very heavy flows (menorrhagia).

Depending on which model you pick, Elia Lingerie period underwear prices range from €35 to €50.

  • 2. Réjeanne

The period underwear brand Réjeanne offers a diverse collection with designs that set it aside from the competition, without sacrificing comfort and efficiency. We appreciate the quality of their products as much as we do the brand’s commitments. Réjeanne also manufacture their lingerie in France using OEKO-TEX-certified materials and support such associations as Règles Elémentaires and Action Santé Femmes.

Depending on models, you will be able to choose between 4 different absorption levels and sizes ranging from 10 years to EU 50. From a lovely pair of high-rise panties, all the way to period leggings, thongs, and hip huggers… this is another brand that wants to cater to every body type.

Prices for Réjeanne period underwear go from €34 to €55 depending on models.

  • 3. Moodz

Fun and inclusive, period underwear brand Moodz brings together creativity and diversity. Their goal is to offer comfortable, reusable period products to every menstruating person, regardless of their style of individual needs. Here again, the social commitment is impeccable, as Moodz supports associations that work to fight against period poverty, sexist violence, and gender dysphoria. By making its lingerie in Portugal using GOTS-certified cotton, Moodz also does its part to protect the environment.

With a strong commitment to body positivity, the brand wants to bring an end to the taboos surrounding periods. Its current collections go from a size EU 32 to EU 50, though Moodz claims the plan is to expand their sizing options even more. As for absorbency, 3 different levels are available.

Moodz period underwear starts at €29 and can go up to €45.

  • 4. Fempo

Fempo is a brand that greatly contributed to making the concept of period lingerie more well known in Europe, particularly in France. Pretty and colourful, their period pants are aimed at active people who want to feel comfortable during their periods without a single compromise. Fempo products are made from OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100-certified fabric and their workshops are based in Portugal, Tunisia, and Morocco.

The brand offers various models made from traditional materials, satin, or shimmering fabric, thanks to the addition of Lurex threads. These products can accommodate light, medium, or heavy flows and are sold as bundles or individually. As for sizes, Fempo ranges from EU 34 to 52, and teen sizes start at 9/10 years.

Fempo period lingerie starts at €29 for certain models, while others, such as shorts, can go up to €55.

  • 5. So’ Cup

So’ Cup, as the name indicates, is a menstrual cup brand. However, they also offer a range of period-proof lingerie and bathing suits, as well as several very convenient accessories, such as a stain-removing soap dedicated to period underwear or a portable cup steriliser! Various materials are used depending on the models and So’ Cup chooses to be transparent, making sure to provide a detailed description of where and how each product is made. The brand is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100-certified and manufactures its products in France, Italy, and Turkey. 

So’ Cup has different period pants for day and night use, though the latter may also be worn during the day if you have a very heavy flow. Cool colours, organza, cute detailing, and original designs make So’ Cup underwear interestingly diverse, while remaining comfortable. Sizes range from EU 26/28 to 50/52.

With prices as low as €20, this brand is one of the most affordable in its category, which deserves to be mentioned. Outside of bundles, the most expensive model comes at €44.90.

  • 6. Bertyne

Bertyne has a slightly different way of doing things and favours minimalism, quality, and sustainability. The brand is SloWeAre (a certification for eco-friendly fashion), OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, and Better Cotton Initiative-certified. Bertyne is aware that the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, and one of the most problematic from an ethical perspective, which is why the brand wants to set itself apart from the competition. Its workshops are based in Portugal, where workers enjoy exceptionally respectful working conditions, earning Bertyne an SA 8000 certification. The workshop also abides by the ISO 9001 standard, and the REACH EU regulation.

What is unique to Bertyne is the fact that they only offer two different models (briefs for medium flows, and hip huggers for heavy flows), available only in black, sold individually or bundled. This choice comes from wanting to limit consumption to the strictest necessity, which is ideal from an environmental standpoint. Even the delivery goes one step beyond, thanks to reusable packaging. Sizes range from EU 10/12 years to 50/52.

Outside of bundles, Bertyne briefs are priced at €34.90, and hip huggers at €39.90.

  • 7. Mina Storm

Mina Storm is not just a period underwear brand as it focuses on high-quality, beautiful lingerie of all kinds. Their period panties, however, are especially comfortable, pretty, and original, instiling values of diversity and bodily freedom through their entire collection. Mina Storm underwear is made in Morocco and Tunisia, where their workshops work alongside local associations to provide training courses for women in difficulty. Materials are OEKO-TEX class I-certified, and the brand always avoids overproduction.

When it comes to size, Mina Storm period underwear ranges from EU 32 to 46, and aims to offer beautiful designs and unique materials, such as the brand’s iridescent collection. 

Pricewise, Mina Storm period undies start at €36, and go up to €43 for iridescent or recycled lace models. 

  • 8. La Culotte Parisienne

La Culotte Parisienne is unambiguous: Periods should not mean you have to compromise… on anything! To this brand, unreliable menstrual products, made from dubious materials, and forcing you to withstand a level of discomfort that nobody should ever be used to enduring is simply unacceptable. La Culotte Parisienne is on a mission to preserve our health and that of the environment by offering comfortable and sustainable period underwear that is 100% made in France. 

Their panties come in 4 different levels of absorbency regardless of which model you choose, which means no one is ever disappointed in not finding the right pair. The brand even has a lace collection, and its period lingerie ranges from a size EU 34 to 48.

Prices for La Culotte Parisienne period pants vary between €27 and €39,50.

  • 9. Smoon

If what you need during your period is comfort and gentleness, Smoon period underwear might just be your favourite. Their stitch-less collection is both second skin-like and perfectly contoured for the most agreeable fit. Effective and colourful, Smoon period panties are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100-certified, and their workshops are based in Tunisia. The company makes regular donations to the association La Maison des Femmes.

Sizes range from EU 8/10 years to 44 – which does remain a downside when it comes to adult sizes – and the range offers three levels of absorbency.

From a price standpoint, expect to spend between €32 and €39 per pair.

  • 10. Etam

We are including Etam period underwear on our list because it is a very well-known brand whose products may be purchased from brick-and-mortar shops, which is not necessarily the case for other brands. As a more conventional company, Etam still makes some effort worth acknowledging, such as the use of recycled polyamide and organic cotton. Etam has also made some improvements when it comes to transparency, and 96% of their factories are certified as abiding by social standards.

Etam period underwear comes in a variety of models and colours, available for light, medium, and heavy flow. Sizes range from S to XXL.

Etam period briefs will set you back €25, whereas hip huggers are priced at €29.

If you wish to know more about the various brands of period underwear on the market, note that it is always worth contacting them directly, via their social media page, for instance. The most earnest ones will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

  • How Do Period Panties Work?

The way period underwear works is actually surprisingly simple. The panties are almost exactly like normal ones, except for the lining! The latter is made up of three layers. The top layer lets period blood through and directs it towards the inner part of the lining, an absorbent layer keeps it there for up to 12 hours, and a leakproof layer ensures you remain perfectly secure.

What makes period underwear so revolutionary is that it allows you to become much more serene and confident while on your period, during the day and throughout the night, and to no longer worry about freshening up constantly. This new generation of period product absorbs the blood outside of the body, thus also eliminating the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (which is linked to the use of tampons). If you choose a brand which utilises safe, healthy materials, you will be preserving your own health (no harmful products), and that of the planet, too (thanks to a reusable alternative).

  • How to Choose the Right Kind of Period Underwear?

As you have probably come to understand by reading through our list, choosing your period underwear is very much a matter of personal preference. Fortunately, there exist as many brands as there are inclinations.

If commitments (be they ecological, social, regarding diversity, health, etc.) are important to you, pay attention to the certifications. If design, materials, and size are more consequential to you, then look at how the products in question are made more closely.

The same goes for the absorbency level, which must be suitable for your flow in order to offer the right level of comfort and confidence.

If you are still unsure about investing in a pair of period underwear, check if the brand you are interested in would allow you to send your purchase back if you weren’t entirely happy with it.

  • How to Wash Period Underwear?

There is nothing complicated about washing period panties. Start by rinsing your pants out with cold water after each use. That way, there’s no risk of “cooking” the stain once inside the washing machine. Then, wash on a gentle programme at 30°C along with the rest of your delicates. Don’t hesitate to use a laundry bag to better preserve the longevity of the fibres. Use regular laundry detergent, avoiding traditional soap which could damage the fabric and steer clear of fabric softener as well. You may also wash your period underwear entirely by hand. Allow your period pants to air dry (no tumble dryer).


Now that you know everything about period underwear, are you ready to give it a try?


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