Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 January 2022

Metaverse ‘rave’ flops miserably, witnesses claim

Attendees share videos from the event featuring multiple avatars doing nothing on the dance floor.

What was apparently supposed to be a testament to just how fun the metaverse is turned out to be quite the opposite – at least, if the stories and videos of a rave party held there shared by some of the attendees are anything to go by.

The event was held early on Thursday morning in what is known as Decentraland, a virtual-reality platform akin to that being developed by Facebook. The virtual space allows users to explore various locations, communicate with each other, and kill it on the dance floor – though, as evidenced by some of the footage shared from in the thick of it, there was very little actual dancing going on.

One of the attendees who decided to give outsiders a glimpse of the metaverse fun was Alex Moss, chief technology officer at an NFT development company. On his Twitter account, Moss posted a 37-second clip that featured a group of avatars on the dance floor, most of them completely stationary, with techno music blasting in the background. The video snippet was captioned, This is the #metaverse … A live rave happening right now in @decentraland.

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