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Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Partitions

Toilet partitions are the newest invention when it comes to multiple toilet stalls in a single bathroom. This is usually common among public bathrooms such as in airports, train stations, gyms, schools, and even in some restaurants. It would be another thing for toilets in a house or an apartment as you would not have any need for it, but you could still use a toilet partition if you want to keep the shower and bath area separate from the toilet. What makes it popular is that it comes as a complete set with all the panels and hardware needed to install it, and of course the installation itself is very easy to do, there is no need for additional work or build, you just set it up, place it in the area you want and then in a matter of hours, it is fully functional. the practicality of toilet partitions cannot be overlooked, it saves time, money, and effort. As it is, the newer building codes have stringent guidelines that have to be followed when building or renovating bathrooms and it should allow access to all individuals and must-have design elements that can provide accommodation for handicapped users. Renovating an old bathroom so that it will be according to the new building codes is not impossible to do but it can be expensive and time-consuming. It would mean having to demolish the old toilet partitions and make sure that the depth of the bathroom stall and the space between the units are according to code. As a rule of thumb, has to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and that the handicapped can move around in it. The toilet partitions could offer a more efficient and cheaper alternative so that you can get your bathroom renovation completed and still be within budget. Read on to find out more about toilet partitions and why you need them. 

Toilet Partitions Come in Many Styles 

Toilet partitions have been developed to replace the way bathrooms have been built in the past. It offers a more economical and practical alternative. Moreover, it comes in many styles, so there will always be one that will suit your design and budget. If you are looking for the cheapest style, then you can opt for powder-coated steel. It is made up of sheets of steel and then compressed together to form one sheet and sprayed with a white powder coat. It is durable and will probably last for about 5 years and if your bathroom is not in a high traffic area, then this style would suffice for your needs. There is also something cozy and safe with having an all-white bathroom. You can then accessorize the bathroom with lots of colors and patterns in the wall or the sink area. The next style in the list is the one made from plastic laminate, although most people would think that plastic is not as sturdy as steel or wood. These plastic laminates are made from sheets of steel pressed together and then laminated in industrial-grade plastic. Because it is covered in plastic you can have the option of ordering it in solid colors or using patterns and other prints. It costs more than the powder-coated steel but it can last from 5 to 10 years, also it is easier to maintain and clean, and is moisture resistant. If you want a more long-lasting alternative but with the option for color and prints, then the solid plastic partitions are for you. It lasts for more than 30 years, the color or print does not fade and the material is self does not corrode and given that it would take hundreds of years for plastic to decompose, then you know that this type of toilet partition is built to last. The most expensive and the gold standard at which toilet partitions are judged is the one made from stainless steel. It is made from sheets of stainless steel and has that high-gloss finish that is classy and sophisticated and will last more than 30 years. For sure it is expensive, but the savings you get from the upkeep of the bathroom will make up for the initial costs. It is scratch-proof, sanitary, easy to clean, and is not affected by extreme weather or harsh chemicals. So it is the best choice for toilet partitions, especially if you only have two or three partitions in a bathroom. 

Toilet Partitions Are Easy to Install 

The best thing about toilet partitions is that are easy to install, each set comes with complete parts and detailed instructions, you can easily install them on your own with the help of a skilled professional. Moreover, the suppliers and manufacturers also offer a step-by-step guide on how to install it which can easily be found on their website. Some do have live customer support who will walk you through the process and you will have your new bathrooms completed in no time at all. There is no downside to using toilet partitions in your bathroom renovations, except if you order the wrong sizes. Thus, you need to make sure that once you order your toilet partitions, they will fit into your bathroom area because even a few inches off will be a headache for you and the installer. It is recommended that you ask a professional builder to measure the dimension of your bathroom stalls so that you will have the exact measurements when you make your order. When making an order, you have to specify the number of partitions you need, and the exact make and style, and the color if you are opting for the ones with color. Once you are done with your order, you just need to wait for a couple of days to have it delivered to your building site. Make sure to order ahead of time, as it would be a waste of time and resources to have to wait for the partitions to come and all the other parts of the bathroom had already been finished. Due to the manufacturing of new materials and the practicality of modular fixtures, toilet partitions are indeed a bathroom saver. 


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