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Designing a Nursery: 8 Tips for 2022

Designing a room for a newborn is fun. It is also daunting if you do not know where to begin. Follow our tips to avoid typical mistakes and create an ideal space for your bundle of joy.

. Employ common textures and choose items of similar size and shape. If you want something unique, this adorable bespoke nursery furniture will help you save time and effort. 

Choose Textiles First

Paint or wallpaper should come after the textiles. Otherwise, your perfect curtains or bedding may clash with the interior design. Take advantage of the colour-match technology to find the ideal combination.

Create a Focal Point

The crib is not the only option. Your design may be centred on an alcove, big window or a signature piece. A bespoke dresser or large toy can also draw focus. 

Make the Ceiling Special

Babies look at the ceiling most of their time, so give your newborn something to contemplate! Paint the ceiling in a pastel colour, use decals or add a mural. Consider such calming shades as subdued blue, muted green, pale purple, and soft white. Install a ceiling fan to prevent SIDS.

Go Green

Make sure the furniture, toys and any other items in the nursery are chemical-free. VOCs in paints evaporate very slowly and compromise air quality. No-VOC paint (with VOC content under 5g/l) is best. If you have to buy low-VOC paint, make sure it complies with the Green Seal Standard GS-11. You can find non-toxic or natural products online, but note that their performance differs from mass-produced paints. 

Create a Nursing Station

Nursing is comfortable when everything you need is on hand. Special chairs are a great option. Available models range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars. This item must be soft, cosy, and comfortable to nurse your baby in. Opt for stain-resistant fabrics such as microfiber or leather-like textiles.

Create a Sanitation Station

Stock up on supplies. You could keep paper towels and antibacterial gel on a tray on top of the changing table. Disinfect all hot spots at least once per day using antibacterial wipes. Plan where to toss dirty diapers and soiled clothing. For example, you could designate a hamper or buy a diaper disposal system like a hands-free pail. 

Create a System for Clothes

How will you sort and store your newborn’s clothes? Keeping up with their wardrobe is an endless challenge, so you need a closet and a dresser. Fill them with items you can use now and put away the rest until your baby grows into them. Organize clothes by size and type. 

Keep a special box for outgrown garments, too. This way, they will not creep back into the closet, so you will save time and effort. 

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