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Woman loses Menstrual Cycle For A Year Due To ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine

Chelsea Dixon, a carer, lost her periods for almost a year after she received her first Covid jab. After this experience, she was put off having the second vaccine and ended up losing her job for failing to comply with the jab mandate.

After getting her first AstraZeneca vaccine in February last year, the carer noticed disruptions to her menstrual cycle, which stopped soon after. However, health experts told her that this was a common side effect of the vaccine and was nothing to worry about.

Officials have stated that there is no clear link between the vaccines and infertility, however, it’s worth noting there is no mainstream evidence to disprove it, either.

The 30-year-old decided not to get the second vaccine, and as a result, was told that she could no longer go to work as a carer as the vaccine mandate came into effect.

“I had my jab on February 13 last year and I noticed that when I was due to start my period that it didn’t come,” Chelsea said.

“I thought it was strange and then another month went by and I didn’t come on.”

She said that despite not having a period she was repeatedly told by doctors that it was normal.

Following this experience, Chelsea considered getting a medical exemption from the vaccine, but this was refused. She was told that she would have to leave by November 11th, but this was extended to the 29th.

“People have called me an anti-vaxxer and a conspiracy theorist and I’m not either,” Chelsea added.

“I have had the first jab and my employer told me at first that that should be okay, but then they came back saying I needed to be fully jabbed.”

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