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Unjabbed against ‘Covid’ shouldn’t be discriminated against, Amnesty warns fascist Italy

Human rights group believes Italian anti-Covid-19 restrictions to be too harsh.

Amnesty International has issued a statement calling on Italy to change its strict anti-Covid-19 policies to prevent possible discrimination against unvaccinated people after a recent government decree.

In an official statement, issued by Amnesty International on Saturday, the organization urged the Italian government to provide alternative protective measures, such as wearing masks or taking tests, in order to allow unvaccinated citizens to continue their work and use public transport.

It also insisted that all safety measures “must respond to the principles of necessity, temporariness and proportionality,” and called for the government to reconsider if the national state of emergency should be extended beyond March 2022.

According to the current restrictions, which will remain in place until June 15, 2022, it is no longer sufficient to wear a mask or have a negative Covid-19 test in order to use public transport or, for people aged over 50, to access their workplace.

Amnesty International Italia, local chapter of the international organization, noted that mandatory vaccination might be justified and enforced under exceptional circumstances. However, such restrictive measures should be targeted, limited in time and accompanied by evidence-based logic, as well as proportionate to a legitimate purpose of public health protection.

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