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Presale Tickets: How To Find Great Seats Before Others Do

Ever experience the disappointment of not finding tickets to your favorite event? If it’s happened one too many times, there needs to be a change in your strategy! According to Presale tickets, participating in presales can be the optimal solution to your ticket problems. With presale tickets, you can bid farewell to the mad rush that usually happens during a general sale.

Presale tickets are a select group of tickets reserved for a few special clients ahead of a general come-all sale. While they don’t ensure that you get the exact tickets you want, you’ll be able to lock in decent tickets for events early on. Early tickets are a complete gamechanger, especially if you’re looking to attend a top-rated event like an Adele concert or the NBA playoffs. With thousands of people competing for a limited number of event passes, the quicker you bag your tickets, the better.

You can participate in a presale in several ways. The most common route is relying on a trusted ticket site or live entertainment outlet that has provisions for presales. On these, you can sign up for a newsletter where information on presale events and codes are sent to the registered participants. Once you receive the code and details of when the presale will happen, be there on the concerned site when the sales go live and see if there are tickets you like.

You could also find out if you’re eligible for a club or card presale. People who are members of fan clubs are given access to presale tickets and other multiple membership benefits. The same goes for those who have designated presale credit/debit cards. Besides accessing tickets in advance, you can enjoy discounts and promotion codes as well. With these, you can secure seats and purchase merchandise at lower rates than regular customers. Exclusive members will even be provided unique and limited event packages at attractive rates. Being a part of these exclusive groups certainly has its benefits!

To participate in a presale event, you’ll need to have a presale code. If you’ve signed up for a newsletter, you’ll receive the code via your registered email days or hours ahead of the presale. For card presales, either the customer service number or the card number will be used as the code.

Some popular card presales include those of Amex, Citi Card, and Chase. If you want to qualify for the card presales, you’ll need to own the designated credit/debit card issued by the same company holding the presale event. Remember, you cannot participate in an Amex presale with another company’s card. But the good news is, both debit and credit cardholders can participate in card presales. You can visit the presale sites of these card companies to find out more about the terms and conditions.

During presales, an allotted number of tickets are set aside for a limited number of eligible customers. The ticket inventory during such sales is quite unpredictable. It’s hard to tell what kinds of tickets will be put up for sale.

Sometimes, you’ll be presented with a larger number of average tickets. While other times, the inventory will feature a good number of VIP-style tickets like those for front row seats, meet and greets, box seats, and the like. Nevertheless, you have nothing to lose by taking part in a presale. There are no fees for attending the event. Plus, if you’re lucky, you can very likely bag the premium tickets you’re looking for that you may rather not find at a general sale.

Live entertainment events are all time-sensitive. They occur on a specific date and never reoccur in the same manner again. That’s why people who are passionate about attending such shows try all possible measures to secure the corresponding tickets. And that means participating in presales!

Imagine if Coldplay were doing an anniversary tour in the coming months. You sure know there’s going to be a lot of competition for their tickets. Would you give up trying to get tickets just knowing the ones you like will probably be scalped, or would you try a presale? That’s right! Attending a presale is going to be the best option for you. Presale tickets are the ideal option for increasing your chances of attending the highly-anticipated events. How? By getting early access to ticket sales, of course!

When you have your tickets secured early, the rest comes easy. You’ll have enough time to plan for events thoroughly. This is why many people who travel interstate and internationally trying to catch their favorite shows and events adore presale tickets. Whether it’s booking a room at a decent hotel or spicing up their travel itinerary with fun outing activities, early tickets are the best way to go. We all know what last-minute reservations can do to our bank accounts, plus the uncalled hassle of an unplanned trip!

If you want to increase the probability of you getting tickets for a major event, presales are a great idea. Just try your best to enter the sales early in the first few minutes to grab the best tickets among those offered. Presales do cater to a smaller pool of buyers than a general sale, but the tickets are also as limited. But what’s great is that presales happen every now and then. To participate in one, keep yourself updated by regularly checking the necessary presale platforms. That way, whenever there’s an event likely to happen, you’ll be able to get there on time.

Do not log out or leave a website when tickets appear to be sold out. Keep refreshing the page. This way, if another customer is unable to conclude a purchase within the given window, you can seize those tickets. Note that the same 10-15 window will apply to you as well and act quickly. And if you’re not confident about online purchases, take advantage of phone booking services on the platforms. You will be guided by able staff to secure tickets in no time.

Now that you’re aware of presales, we hope you try them out the next time a mega-event surfaces! It’s a pretty great method of securing tickets that you should definitely include in your ticket-hunting routine.

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