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15 сriteria for choosing a software development company in 2022 and beyond

Choosing a software development company is a very essential process, since the success of your business depends on it. The definition of the core choice criteria will assist you in examining the vendor characteristics, as well as, avoiding re-searching for the other company if your expectations aren’t fulfilled. In the following article we’ll explore 15 criteria that, from Jappware’s point of view, should be taken into account while selecting the most suitable vendor for you.

1. Communication

The better the communication, the more guarantees that the client’s needs will be accomplished precisely. Choose companies that are concerned about regular calls and messages, via clarifying all the nuances of the workflow and showing their interest in an awesome result.

2. Company size

You can cooperate with a company of any size. However, you should keep in mind that a pretty companies smaller than 10 employees. Likewise, a large business is able to supervise a lot of major projects hence your ones won’t get an appropriate attention.

3. Pricing

In general, the pricing crucially hinges on the engagement model of IT specialists with the client. Whether it is a fixed-price model or a rate within the dedicated development teams, opt for the company that offers the best matching pricing regarding goals and scope of your project.

4. Expertise

After you have determined the list of expertise that has a significant impact on the project, in particular, java development, focus on the companies that have strong knowledge in this industry. Nevertheless, pick out broadly specialized companies, as in the future you may require additional technical knowledge, e.g. in the area of artificial intelligence.

5. Experience

Make sure that the vendor has a solid competence not solely in the field of desired technical knowledge, however in project management and team organization eke. As an illustration, if your project is managed by a remote team, merely a highly skilled company can organize the inner-team alongside the inter-team communication.

6. Recommendations on a software development company

Explore clients’ feedback about the vendor by using the search engines or popular review services such as Clutch or Good Firms. The inclusion in reputable industry ratings is one of the indicators of a prosperous IT developer.  Due to this, you can take a peek at the top software development companies (Global Outsourcing 100, Inc. 5000, etc.) as well.

7. Agility

The vendor’s agility indicates his ability to adapt both to changes of your business and the situation in the world of technology. Define the company that keeps abreast with the progress of your business and is able to scale the team and introduce the up-to-date technologies quickly.

8. Cultural fit

Various cultural features either the client’s or the vendor’s ones (e.g. ethnic, religious) can cause some disagreements and misunderstandings in communication. Thus, selecting a vendor, ascertains that your cultures are acceptable to each other.

9. English proficiency

English has already become the default communication language in the technological sphere. Consequently, considering companies where employees have a high level of English proficiency.

10. An easy to get location

Although nowadays most companies can work remotely, a convenient location allows you to minimize the time gap and organize a personal meeting easily. Correspondingly, companies that are located near key business centers are more favorable.

11. Tech infrastructure & office facilities

To provide high-quality IT services, the vendor must have a well-developed technical infrastructure, which includes the latest hardware, software and other tech tools. At the same time, user-friendly and functional office spaces contribute to higher workers’ productivity.

12. Training acceptance

A good vendor should promote its workers with satisfying conditions for improving their professional skills. In Jappware, for instance, we constantly hold workshops and trainings, so that our specialists gain new knowledge and advance in their careers.

13. Knowledge transfer and easy exit process

The knowledge exchange about the project between team members is a guarantee that the valuable data won’t be lost despite any participant’s leaving the project. Besides, initially discuss the terms of the cooperation cessation with the vendor.

14. Employer brand

For the client, the vendor is a key component in seeking the right specialists promptly. The higher the company’s authority among other employers, the easier and faster it can find and retain IT specialists in the sphere you wish.

15. Enthusiasm & passion

Look for a company that is genuinely interested in collaborating with you. A vendor who actually cares about your business advancement will be responsive to your desires and is going to instantly demand-driven to your requests and support pleasant relationships.


In our experience, companies while choosing a vendor do not give a proper value to some vital criteria, such as communication, agility and the employer’s brand. Nonetheless, a comprehensive analysis of all these criteria will allow you to get a detailed vendor description.

If you are looking for a software development company, Jappware will be glad to advise you on any questions.

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