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Omicron symptoms: The ‘feeling’ when you wake up in the morning – seen in fully jabbed

THE OMICRON variant has shown up in 114 countries since it was first discovered in southern Africa. Despite having a milder impact than originally feared, the world should not be complacent about Omicron. A doctor has highlighted the “awful” symptoms that have afflicted his son, one of which surfaced when waking up in the morning.

Omicron appears to be receding in the UK but other countries have now become the battleground. The variant is causing cases to explode in the US, which is averaging more than 500,000 new cases daily. Growing evidence suggests it results in a milder form of the disease but this should not invite complacency.

A San Francisco-based doctor has issued this wake-up call after his son became hit with an onslaught of nasty Omicron symptoms.

His son’s experience is particularly unnerving because he had received three doses of the Moderna jab.

“Lower your guard and it’ll pounce,” Doctor Bob Wachter, the chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, wrote in a tweet Saturday.

In the Twitter thread, Doctor Wachter recounted his son’s recent ordeal with Omicron, which caused the 28-year old, who has received three doses of the Moderna vaccine, to “wake up feeling awful”.

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